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Contract 101

The GBPPA believes that an informed membership is a stronger membership. This page addresses some of the more common contractual rights that employees have. If you have any additional questions regarding your contractual rights or believe they have been infringed, please contact a GBPPA representative.

What if I'm being questioned about actions taken in the field?

Unfortunately, police officers are sometimes questioned about actions taken in the field. Due to the dynamic nature of police work, citizen complaints are inevitable from time-to-time. The GBPPA believes that all citizen complaints should be taken seriously. However, being questioned about actions taken in the field can be intimidating. In some cases, supervisors may question you about your actions that could result in discipline. You have rights afforded to you in the “Police Officers Bill of Rights” and our contract (section 26.03) to protect you. If a supervisor is questioning you about actions taken in the field, inquire whether or not your answers will be used against you in subsequent discipline. If the response indicates, in anyway, that your answers could lead to discipline, request a GBPPA representative be present. In such cases, you’re also entitled to a written notice that outlines the factual basis of the alleged rule or regulation violated.  If your request is denied and you’re ordered to answer questions, answer them truthfully and upon conclusion immediately notify a GBPPA representative. If you decide to proceed with answering questions without a GBPPA representative because you feel it’s just a simple inquiry, but feel that the questioning is now leading to potential discipline, stop and ask for a GBPPA representative immediately.

What do my union dues pay for?

Unfortunately, union dues are a necessary evil. The dues are primarily used to pay the legal costs associated with the management of the contract and protecting the rights of GBPPA members. The majority of these costs are associated with the number of grievances that are in various stages. The dues also help pay for this Web site and promoting the GBPPA.

How do I file a grievance?

If you believe that there has been a violation of any of your contractual rights, please bring it to the attention of a union board member. The board member will ask for an explanation of the alleged violation along with specific details, such as date/time, nature of the incident, those involved, etc. You may also be asked to provide a detailed written account. The board member will then bring the allegation to the entire board for discussion. If the board agrees that a contractual violation has occurred, a member will approach management in attempt to resolve it. If a resolution cannot be obtained at this stage, the GBPPA will then file an official grievance. The GBPPA does all it can to resolve identified violations of the contract with management prior to filing an official grievance.  In additional questions about this process can be brought to a board member.