Green Bay Professional Police Association

Representing the brave men and women serving and protecting "Titletown, USA"


GBPPA Contract

The GBPPA has a current labor agreement with the City of Green Bay. The contract is valid through 2019.  All GBPPA members are encouraged to be familiar with their contract. Some of the more important provisions are outlined on the "contract 101" page. Please contact a GBPPA member if you have any questions about any of your contractual rights.


Unfortunately, disagreements between the GBPPA and management do happen and if they cannot be resolved, the GBPPA is forced to file a grievance. A grievance is an official process outlined in the contract to protect your contractual rights, especially when they have been violated. The GBPPA does not wish to file grievances, but sometimes we’re forced to. Currently, the GBPPA and management have open lines of communication and most potential grievances are resolved prior to filing an official action. This is the preferred way to resolve potential violations of our contract. Howver, If you believe any of your contractual rights have been infringed, please contact a GBPPA representative.