Green Bay Professional Police Association

Representing the brave men and women serving and protecting "Titletown, USA"



Fraternal Order of Police - Wisconsin State Lodge - All GBPPA members are encouraged to join the local Green Bay Fraternal Order of Police - Lodge 2. Please contact a current Green Bay FOP member for additional details.  

Nelson Tactical - A dedicated supporter of GBPPA members, Nelson Tactical is located at 1317 Velp Avenue on the west side of Green Bay. GBPPA members are encouraged to patronize Nelson Tactical for all of their police equipment needs. Nelson Tactical offers discounted pricing for GBPPA members. 

Police Credit Union - All GBPPA members are encourage to become members of the Police Credit Union (PCU).  The PCU is considered a "closed" membership credit union.  Only current and retired members of the police department and their immediate family members are eligible.  The PCU offices are located at 303 S. Jefferson Street, directly across from the east police department parking lot.  Because the PCU is considered a "not for profit" entity, all of the earnings (less operating expenses) are returned to the membership via dividends. The PCU offers competitive interest rates that are often below what other creditors can offer.  To become a member, please contact the PCU directly at (920)435-1377.  

Green Bay Police Benevolent  & Protective Association - All GBPPA members are also encouraged to become members of the Green Bay Police Benevolent & Protective Association.  This fraternal organization is made of active and retired law enforcement officers of the Green Bay Police Department.  The organization was created to establish off duty activity and camaraderie within the police work force and promote charity and good will within the community.  The association hosts an annual retirement dinner, children's Christmas party, summer picnic, and other activities for members.  Benefits include an annual medical reimbursement and the association supports officers in their families in time of need.  To become a member of the assocation, please email  Officer Scott Asplund, Scottas@greenbaywi.gov.